Adding users to your company on Remote


In a nutshell, this is what you need to know: Adding a company admin to your company's Remote account allows you to invite your HR team or others that need to view and/or take actions on your company's behalf. To add a company admin, navigate to Company Details in the sidebar. Then select Company admins and click Invite. Add the details of the person you want to invite and click save to invite them. The person will receive an invitation email to complete the signup process.


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How do I add a company user?

To add a company admin, navigate to "Company details" in the left-hand sidebar when logged into your company's account. Then select "Company admins" and click Invite.


Clicking "Invite" will open a window that asks you to enter the admin's name and work email. It will also ask you what role you want this admin to have.


After adding user details and selecting the role, press Submit and the user will be invited to join Remote and register.

What is a company user?

A company user on Remote is a person who is able to view and (optionally) administer the details of your company account. Company users can take actions on your company's behalf, such as adding new team members under the company on Remote, removing team members, administering payroll etc. Since we do not support multiple roles for the same user, the employer can't invite users who are already employees of this company.

Are there different types of or roles for company users?

Yes, there are three types of company admins:


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