Expense Reimbursements


In a nutshell, this is what you need to know: Employees can upload their expenses for the company's approval in Remote. Expenses need to be submitted and approved by the 10th of each month to be added to the payroll of that month.

For employees

How to request expenses in your Remote account

Uploading expenses in your Remote dashboard is easy. Just login and navigate to the "Expenses" section of your account and click on "Submit an expense". Once you do this your expenses are now lodged for approval.


Submit an expense and it will be sent to your company's administrators for review.

Watch this video to see our Product Manager Dom Maurice walk you through the process from your dashboard.

Should I add the full amount or pre-tax amount?

When you submit an expense be sure to include the full total including the taxes you paid to ensure you are fully reimbursed. Then add the taxes you paid in the following tax field.

For customers

How do I review employees' expenses?

When the employees submit their expenses, they are sent for your team to approve.

Company administrators have the permission level to review employee requests. All you need to do is login and navigate to the "Expenses" section. Here you can view any expenses that have been submitted, and approve or decline them straight away.


See how this feature works as our Product Manager, Dom Maurice walks you through the process from your dashboard.

How does Remote cater for incentives like commissions & bonuses?

You can add this information directly on your customer account in Remote. For more information, visit our page:


Please remember that for the employees to get reimbursed in a specific month, the expenses have to be approved before the 10th of the same month.


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