Why Remote?

Simplifying global employment - The first fully self-serve global employment platform

Start employing your global team in minutes. Not just payroll and taxes, but also benefits and add-on services.

Our Global Infrastructure: Local Legal Entities + Proprietary network

Remote fully owns local legal entities in all our covered countries, and a proprietary network of in-country payroll providers, accountants, labor law attorneys and HR specialists. No intermediaries means more transparency, flexibility, speed, and cost efficiency for our customers.

For companies eyeing a liquidity event, this means streamlined due diligence and peace of mind.

For highly-regulated industries, this means being able to streamline business and work with more partners. i.e. payments/banking.

Ironclad IP and Invention Rights Protection:

Employees' IP and invention rights are transferred seamlessly from you to our customers. We don't retain any ownership of these rights. Our customers retain ownership, we remove complexity.

There are no intermediaries meddling with this process for added peace of mind. Our customers’ IP is theirs from the beginning.

One low flat rate - The industry’s most accessible flat pricing, with no hidden fees, no long term commitments.

Most others in the industry charge based on a percentage with additional set-up fees and off-boarding fees with usually:

  1. percentage-based fee
  2. 30% security deposits
  3. miscellaneous line items, often hidden
  4. long term commitments (minimum of 2 year contract)

We offer a low flat fee that carries no hidden costs and no minimum commitments (we require a 10% security deposit that is returned at the end of the contract)

World-Class Benefits and Employee Experience

The employees never feel like second-class citizens with Remote.

They get a delightful experience, best-in-class benefits packages in every country, and a robust self-serve system. We treat employees like they deserve and make sure they don't feel disconnected.

Remote is for Everyone

(All business sizes, no minimums)

We are democratizing global employment. No matter how big you are, no matter how many employees/contractors you need to hire, no matter how long you want to employ them for, Remote is for you.

SOC2 certification and security and compliance.

At Remote, we protect your business and your employees’ sensitive data with industry-leading security and compliance.