Can an employee add dependents to their Allianz benefits plan?

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As an employee, you can add dependents to your Allianz benefits plan at your expense. This coverage is only available for your spouse or partner and children. The cost of adding dependents is based on the benefit plan you're assigned and the type of dependents you want to add:

Plan Cost per dependent
Standard plan - adult (18+ years) $ 102 USD/month
Standard plan - child (0 - 18 years) $ 81 USD/month
Premium plan - adult (18+ years) $ 130 USD/month 
Premium plan - child (0 - 18 years) $ 104 USD/month


You can do this through the ThanksBen platform after you've been enrolled (within 30 days of your start date). If the Customer wishes to cover the cost for your dependents, they will need to increase your salary accordingly.
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Any changes to your benefits past this window can be made during the next renewal only. This doesn't apply to cases of qualifying life event (e.g., newborn, marriage).

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When you add dependents to your plan, we can only backdate coverage for 30 days from the day you add them to your plan. The policy cost can vary based on your age. VAT also varies based on the premium amount.


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