What is the Remote Work legislation in Greece?

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In Greece, there is a new labour law (4808/2021) that regulates remote employment. This legislation acknowledges the following: 

An employee's right to disconnect

A right to refrain completely from working and communicating digitally or answering telephone calls, emails, or any form of communication outside working hours and during their statutory leave.

Teleworkers’ health and safety

The employer must inform the teleworker of its policy on health and safety at work, including specifications for teleworking areas, the rules on the use of visual display screens, breaks, and organisational and technical means.

Remote work costs 

The employer bears the costs incurred by the employee as a result of teleworking, including cost of equipment (unless it is agreed that the employee’s equipment will be used), telecommunications, maintenance of the equipment and damage repair.

The employee must be provided with technical support for the performance of work and the employer undertakes to reimburse the costs of repairing or replacing the equipment as required, even if they belong to the employee, unless the agreement or the employment relationship stipulates otherwise.

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