What are the types of seats on a TEAM plan?

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On TEAM plans, the term "seat" refers to the spot an employee takes within a plan. If you have a plan that covers 15 employees, your TEAM plan has 15 seats.

Types of seats on a TEAM plan

  • Total seats: The number of seats you purchased.
  • Reserved seats: The seats held for employees who have not started work but were invited to Remote.
  • Active seats: The seats filled by employees with an active employment.
  • Seats in use: The combined active seats and reserved seats.
  • Unused seats: These seats have never been occupied by any employee. They have 12 months available by default.
  • Partially used seats: These are seats that were held by an employee for some, but not all of the 12 months.
    For example, Paula is an employee who was placed on a TEAM plan. Paula resigns after 7 months at your company. This leaves a partially used seat with 5 months available. 12 months - 7 months (Paula’s employment) = 5 months remaining.
  • Inactive seats: The employees who were once on the TEAM plan but who are no longer taking up a seat. For example, they may have resigned.

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