Is an off cycle payment possible in Spain?

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In Spain, it is possible to process an off cycle payment for employees if they meet the criteria. An off cycle payment (not related to onboarding) attracts a fee of EUR 50. If approved before the deadline, the employee will receive this payment by the 10th of the following month. To request an off cycle payment, please reach out to us.

The deadline for all off-cycle payment requests that meet the criteria is the 27th of the month, 11:59 PM UTC. Any requests after this date will be rejected and paid in the next payroll cycle. We run off-cycle payments in countries where we have a monthly payroll run (in specific cases, we’ll run an off-cycle in countries where we have a semi-monthly payroll).

See also: Criteria for off cycle payments

NOTE: You can reach out to our team via email at or directly on the Remote platform via the Support chat widget.

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