Step by step instructions to create the Zap that connects Personio to Remote

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Before getting started with this integration, you need to have:

To guide you on how to set up this integration, this article contains how to: 

Create custom attributes in Personio

You will need to map some Personio employee attributes to Remote fields. To do this, you first need to add some custom attributes in Personio that Remote will use to create the new hire in Remote.

It is critical that you fully complete this configuration section before attempting to create a Zap. If you don’t, the attributes you need to configure the Zap will not be available in Zapier, and you may need to delete the Zap and start again.

  1. In Personio, go to Settings > People > Employee Information


  2. Create a new section where you will add the custom attributes required for the sync to Remote. To do this, click on Create a section and name it something like “” to make it obvious what these attributes are used for.


  3. First, add an attribute that will be used as a filter in Zapier. This filter is critical to ensure you don’t sync all of your employees from Personio to Remote and incur unnecessary charges from Remote. You only want to sync the employees that will actually be onboarded through Remote.
    • Name this attribute “Sync to Remote”.
    • Set the attribute type to List of options.
    • Add the options “Yes” and “No”.


  4. Next, add an attribute that you will use to specify which country the employee will be hired in.
    1. Name this attribute “Country Code”.
    2. Set the attribute type to List of options.
    3. The country code must be an ISO 3166-1 3-digit alphabetic code and a country that is supported by the Remote Zapier integration. For example, the code for Germany is “DEU”. Add a list of codes for the countries that you want to hire in.
  5. Finally, add an attribute for the employment type so Remote knows whether to onboard the new hire as an employee or contractor.
      1. Name this attribute “Remote employment type”
      2. Set the attribute type to List of options.
      3. Add the options “employee” or “contractor”. This value is case sensitive and must be in all lower case for the integration to work.


Set up API credentials in Personio

Now, you need to create and configure API credentials in Personio. These will be used to connect Zapier to your Personio account. The following instructions show you how to create the API credentials and assign the required permissions.

  1. In Personio, go to Settings > Integrations > API credentials.
  2. Click on Generate new credential and name it something obvious such as “Remote via Zapier”.
  3. For Integration, select Other.
  4. For the permissions, next to Employees select Read.
  5. In Readable employee attributes, select the following 10 attributes:
    1. Created at
    2. First name
    3. Hire date
    4. Last modified
    5. Last name
    6. Sync to Remote
    7. Personal email
    8. Position
    9. Remote employment type
    10. Country code

This completes the configuration steps for Personio.

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