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Employees will only sync from Personio to Remote if their record in Personio contains all of the attributes that Remote requires in order to create a new hire in Remote.
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Before attempting to create the Zap, make sure you have at least one employee in Personio with the following attributes filled in. We recommend you call the employee "Test" and use a fake personal email address for testing purposes. After setting up the Zap, make sure you remove this employee from Remote’s Onboarding page by selecting Cancel Onboarding.

Required attributes:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Hire date (a date in the future)
  • Position
  • Remote employment type (employee or contractor)
  • Personal email address (If you don’t already have an attribute for personal email address in Personio you will need to create one and make sure your Personio API credentials have read permissions for this attribute. The employee’s personal email is needed by Remote to invite the employee to onboard and to finalize offboarding tasks with the employee if they are terminated. Important: do not change the personal email address in Personio once you have started syncing an employee to Remote. If you do, Remote will think this is a new employee and create a new employee record. If you need to change a personal email address, change it in Remote first.)
  • Sync to Remote: Yes
  • Country code

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