How to create the Zap that automates the employee's onboarding

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In this article, we'll explain how to create a Zap that automatically adds a new hire to Remote’s Onboarding page when an employee is created in Personio. To do this:

  1. Request access to Remote’s Zapier integration: You will not be able to find Remote when you search for it in Zapier because Remote’s Zapier integration is currently private. Please request access by signing in to your Remote account
    1. Go to Integrations > Zapier automation > Apply for beta. You must be a Remote admin user to access this page.


  2. Accept the invitation: Check your inbox for an invitation to Remote’s Zapier integration and accept the invitation. If you don’t see the invite, check if it is in your junk mail.
  3. Create a new Zap: In Zapier, click + Create Zap


  4. Add a trigger: Add the trigger that tells Zapier when to sync a new hire from Personio to Remote.
    1. Search for Personio and select it.


    2. In Event, select the Employee Updated trigger and click Continue (do not use the New Employee trigger. It doesn’t contain all of the attributes needed by Remote).


    3. Connect to your Personio account: In Choose an account… select Connect a new account and follow the instructions to allow access to your Personio account. If you have already connected your Personio account in Zapier, you will be able to select it from the dropdown. Click Continue.
      For more help connecting to your Personio account in Zapier, read this Personio help article.
    4. Test the trigger: Click Test trigger to make sure the trigger is working. You should get a message “We found an employee!”. Click Continue. You may not see any test data yet if you only just made some updates.
  5. Apply a filter: Next, you will need to apply a filter in Zapier so that you only sync Personio employees to Remote if they are actually being hired through Remote.
    1. Click + to add an Action.
    2. Select Filter

    3. Under Filter setup & testing, select Sync to Remote.
    4. For Choose condition, select (Text) contains.
    5. For Enter text or insert data, enter Yes.
  6. Add the action to create an employee in Remote: Next, create an action to add the employee in Remote. The employee will only sync if they have Sync to Remote set to Yes in their employee record in Personio.
    1. Click + to add an action.
    2. In Search apps, type Remote to find the Remote app.
    3. In Event, choose Create Employee.


    4. Click Continue.
    5. Follow the instructions to sign in to your Remote account. Note that you need to be a Remote admin user to connect your Remote account to Zapier.
    6. Click Continue.
  7. Map attributes between Personio and Remote: Now you need to complete the mapping exercise to map Personio employee attributes to Remote employee fields as shown in the table below. Each of the Personio attributes can be found by expanding the Employee update in Personio section.

    Field required by Remote

    Corresponding field in Personio

    Company ID

    Add your Remote company ID. You can find your company ID by logging in to your test company and going to Company settings > Company information > General information


    Country Code The 3-digit country code for the country that the employee will be hired in. This attribute does not exist by default in Personio. 
    See also:
    Create custom attributes in Personio

    Full name

    Full name

    Job Title


    Personal email

    Map to the attribute you are using in Personio to collect the employee’s personal email address. This might be a custom attribute that you added in Set up custom attributes in Personio.


    Remote employment type This value is case sensitive and can only be “employee” or “contractor”. 

  8. Publish your Zap: Select Publish Zap > Publish & Turn On so you can start using your Zap.
  9. Test the Zap: To test the Zap, create a new employee in Personio and confirm that the employee is also created on the Remote Onboarding page. In Personio you will create the employee by adding the fields in the Add new employee form in Personio.
    Make sure you include a hire date that is in the future. After you've added the employee, you then need to edit the employee and add the fields that are required by Remote (personal email address, country code, employment type, and sync to Remote).
  10. Complete employee onboarding: To complete the employee's onboarding on Remote:
    1. Sign into Remote and go to the Onboarding tab.
    2. Click on Finish & Invite to finish adding employment details and invite the employee to complete their onboarding in Remote.
  11. Congratulations! You have completed the setup. Now your new hires will automatically sync to Remote when the required attributes are added in Personio.

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