How to add a Direct employee on Remote

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On Remote, it is now possible to add a Direct employee. A Direct employee is someone you employ through your own entity, not using Remote as the employer of record (EOR). By inviting them to the Remote platform, you can manage all employees on one platform. There is no cost associated with having direct employees on the platform and you can add as many as you want! 

  1. From your dashboard, go to the Onboarding tab and click on Add new hire.
  2. From the modal window, click on Direct employee


  3. You will be prompted to fill out details of this employee then click on Continue.


  4. Before sending the invite out, review the employee's details to ensure they're accurate then click on Invite now.


  5. The employee will receive an email invite to create their account on Remote. 
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  6. You're able to view all your Direct employees from the Onboarding tab. 


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