Why does my monthly Itemized report not match my invoice amount?

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There are a few reasons why your Itemized report may not match your invoice amount:

  • An expense is classified as an incentive

    Expenses incurred by an Employee on behalf of their employer can typically be reimbursed tax-free to the Employee. Each country has its own guidelines and rules about how an expense is treated. If an expense is reviewed by Remote and found to fall outside these rules, it will be treated as a taxable benefit when running payroll calculations. This can result in the expense being included in the Incentives or Cash benefits section.

    Example: Expensing a massage would typically be taxable and may be appear on the invoice as a Cash benefit.

  • FX (exchange) rate variability

    A change in FX (exchange) rate may cause a difference between the Itemized report amount and the full invoice amount.

    Example: If for example, the Euro to USD exchange rate changed after the full invoice was generated and before the Reconciliation itemized report was generated.

  • Statutory benefits not available on the Remote platform

    Historically, some mandatory cash benefits were not included on the Remote platform; these are being added in the coming months to create better invoicing transparency.

    Examples: Mandatory rice allowance in the Philippines or work-from-home allowance in France

  • Daily allowances

    Daily allowances are calculated based on time worked. Time and Attendance data is used to calculate the total allowance each month. These calculations occur in local payroll software, and therefore the inputs are a day rate, while the output is a total amount.

    Example: Meal cards in India

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