How to request a travel letter for business-related travel

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If you need a travel letter for business-related purposes or to support your visa application, you can easily request one through the Requests tab on the Remote platform. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to the Requests tab and click on New request.
  2. From the list of request types, choose Travel letter, then click on Continue.
  3. Complete the required fields with the necessary information about your travel, such as:
    • The purpose of your trip
    • The type of visa or travel authorization that will be used
    • The location you will be visiting
    • Name of the institution/organization
    • List of activities you will be performing at the location
      If you plan to visit a manufacturing unit, building project, microbiological institution, research laboratory, pharmaceutical plant, or heavy machinery workplace, include this information in your request.
  4. Once you've filled this out, click on Submit request.
  5. Your request will be sent to your manager for approval and once approved, we will start processing your travel letter.
IMPORTANT: Ensure that your travel letter request reaches Remote at least two weeks prior to your scheduled appointment with the embassy or the start of your journey, whichever comes first. This also helps Remote review the compliance formalities associated with cross-border travel, such as the requirement of a certificate of social security coverage.


When your travel letter is ready, it will be uploaded to your Documents tab and you will also receive a notification about this.

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