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We have released a feature that allows some company users (company owner, admins and people managers (where applicable) to approve certain items that affect payroll, such as time off, incentives and expenses. 

Our payroll cutoff determines if we will pay an expense reimbursement or incentive out in a particular month. The Payroll Approvals tab gives you an overview of what needs to be approved and what we will pay out in a particular month's payroll. 

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To approve payroll: 

  1. Go to the Payroll approvals tab.
  2. If there are pending requests that need approval, click on Approve now.
  3. The approval flow will include time off and expense requests, if applicable.


  4. Tick the requests that you approve of and click on the Approve button.
  5. Once you've made the necessary approvals, you will see an overview of all you've approved, then click on the Done button. 

Please note that time off and expenses approvals can still be done through their respective tabs.

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