How do I use the Zapier integration?

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To make use of Remote’s Zapier integration, you will create your own custom Zap. 

  1. If you don’t already have a Zapier account, create a free account at here
  2. Log in to your Zapier account and click Create Zap.


  3. First, you need to decide what event will start your automated workflow. For example, you might want to automatically sync time off to a Google Calendar when an employee adds a time off request in Remote. In this case, you will search for the Remote app and choose the New Time Off event.
  4. Choose your account - you will be asked to log in to your Remote account. You need to be an Admin user in Remote to successfully authorize the connection between Zapier and Remote in this step. 
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  5. Test the trigger - Zapier will test the trigger to make sure it can retrieve time off information from your Remote account.
  6. Next, you need to decide what action to take when your selected event occurs. Choose the app where you want the action to occur (for example, Google Calendar) and set up the action.
  7. Finally, you need to turn on your Zap to start running your automated flow. Congratulations!

Examples and inspiration

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