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Remote is offering a 30-day free trial for Contractor Management. This allows you to experience the product first-hand, explore its functionalities, and find value before making a buying decision. The free trial applies to all new customers, as well as existing Remote customers who have never added a contractor or had a contractor complete a billable activity in the past 6 months.

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This article will cover:

Signing up for a free trial

  1. If you are new to Remote, you can get started by signing up here.
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  2. Your free trial will be activated once you invite a contractor.


  3. You will be able to access all the functionalities of the Contractor Management platform during the trial period.

Completing a trial

Once your 30-day trial ends, your billable period will begin. The platform will still be accessible, but activities such as signing new contracts, receiving and paying invoices will cost $29 per contractor per month. We will send you an invoice at the end of your first billable month.


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