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Ensuring accurate payroll is important for your employees and your business.

In Remote, employer users (company owner, admins and people managers with the right permissions) can see a list of upcoming payroll runs for their own company entities, and - if they use Remote Employer of Record - for countries they hire employees in via Remote’s EOR entities.

Certain items that affect payroll - like time off, incentives and expense requests - need to be approved or declined for the correct calculations to be processed.

  1. Log into Remote and navigate to the Payroll page.

    1. For each country, you’ll see an overview of the timeline for the payroll run.
      • The payroll cutoff date.
        This is based on the payroll calendar that was agreed upon during the during the Global Payroll implementation. The payroll cutoff is the deadline by which Remote must receive notifications about changes to be reflected in an employee's salary for that month. This relates to onboarding new hires, paying out incentives and approved expenses and overtime compensation.
      • The pay day date is when your employees will be paid.
  2. Click into a payroll run.

  3. Before the cutoff date, you can still make changes to expenses and time off requests, and add any incentive, starter, leaver, or job changes.

    At the top right, you’ll see the number of pending approvals required for expenses and time off. You can click each link and go to the Expense Management or Time Off pages. There, you can approve or decline requests.

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  4. At any point before the payroll is finalized you can see an estimation of the costs, including salaries, benefits, incentives, expenses, and other pay elements - available as a summary, and on a per-employee basis.

  5. After the cutoff date has passed, Remote will calculate initial numbers. When a payroll is ready for your review and approval, you will receive an email notification.

  6. Come back to the payroll run, and you’ll see all payroll calculations, be able to download a gross-to-net report, and any other key documents.

    1. You can request changes to the payroll run and ask questions with our Payroll Services team without leaving Remote. Just click the ‘Request changes’ button.
  7. When you’re satisfied, you can click the blue Approve button at the top-right. Remote will then generate your final payroll numbers and upload your payroll package with relevant payslips, documents, and payment bank files.

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