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Remote offers a variety of value-added services (i.e. off-payslip costs) to help you hire, manage, and pay top global talent with ease while remaining compliant; examples include health checks, termination and legal fees, and a-la-carte mobility services.

With Remote, you only pay for the services your organization needs, and we offer them at our cost — often below market price — passing the savings on to you.

It’s yet another perk of partnering with a global HR leader.

How supplemental service invoices work for value-added services

  • Off-payslip costs (if applicable) are detailed in their own Supplemental service invoice. This provides greater clarity and visibility for your team.
    • Note: Prior to August 2023, it was combined with the Reconciliation Invoice.
  • The supplemental service invoice is tax and accounting compliant, allowing finance teams to better track and record these costs. It includes a breakdown of services, the price of each, and the total amount due.
  • It is issued on the 1st working day of each month (starting August 1, 2023). It includes charges for off-payslip costs that have been used but not yet paid for by the customer. Payment of this invoice is due within 14 days of issue, according to our terms.
  • If no off-payslip costs were used during the previous month, we will not issue this invoice.
  • If your team pays via direct debit, this invoice amount will be automatically debited separately from other invoices; if your team pays via manual bank transfer, you can either make a separate transfer for this invoice or pay all invoices in one lump sum payment.

Examples of costs that might be included in the Supplemental service invoice

  • Visa and immigration services (e.g. work permit change, nomad visa assistance, and permanent residency assistance)
  • Mobility services (e.g. immigration guidance, pre-employment eligibility check, social security number obtainment, and physical document check)
  • Non-standard legal counsel and termination costs
  • Mandatory health check fees

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