How to invite multiple EOR employees at once

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With this feature, customers can invite multiple EOR employees from the same country at once to their Remote account rather than inviting them one by one.

How to invite multiple employees at once

  1. Go to the Team or Onboarding tab and click on Add new hire, then select Employee / employed through Remote’s entity.
  2. To invite several EOR employees at once, click on Add multiple employees then select the country.
    Note: Today, you can only invite multiple employees at once if they are based in the same country. 
    See also: Supported countries for bulk inviting EOR employees
  3. To make the process of inviting employees easier, please use our template by clicking on the Download CSV template link, as it already contains the fields required to add multiple employees at once.


  4. Populate the template with the employees' information. The template will contain instructions on how to fill it out.
  5. Once you're done filling out the template, export it as a CSV file.
  6. On the Remote platform, upload the CSV file then click on See upload results.
  7. Next, we perform a file validation, so please ensure:
    • The information in CSV files is separated by commas (,) and contains all the fields mentioned in the initial template. Other validations:
    • File must be a CSV file type
    • Max file size is 20 MB
    • Each field cannot be longer than 255 characters
    • Email address must be a valid email address
    • User's email cannot already exist on the platform
  8. Once the file is uploaded, you can preview the results.
  9. The preview page is broken up into two sections:
    • The errors table: From the expanded table view, you can hover over the field with an error to view the exact error message. You can export the errors table and make the necessary changes.
    • The valid users' table: From this table, you can see all employees who are ready to be invited.


  10. On the Summary page, you will be able to select the Pricing plan for the employees. All employees will be added to the same pricing plan.
  11. By clicking on Invite now, the invitation process will begin. Please note that this step cannot be reversed.


  12. You can track the progress of the invitations being sent. For invitations that fail, you can export them as a CSV file. To proceed with the successful invitations, click on Continue. After this step, the employees should receive a Remote invitation in the inbox.


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