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In Australia, you can find the following items on your payslip:

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  1. Remote’s Australian Business Number (ABN)
  2. Pay Date
    The date of salary payout 
  3. Period
    The dates during which you worked to which your payslip refers
  4. Hourly rate and Ordinary Hours if you’re paid hourly
    The ordinary hourly pay rate, the number of hours worked at that rate, and the total amount of pay at that rate
  5. Annual Leave
    Annual Leave is pro-rated based on working hours. The employee (other than a casual employee) accumulates paid annual leave for each year of service as per contract An employee classified as a "shift worker" is entitled to 5 weeks of paid annual leave as per the National Employment Standards (NES). This applies if an award or registered agreement defines or describes the employee as a "shift worker.”
    Proration of Annual Leave is based on the employee’s start date.
    Please visit this page to read more about the minimum entitlements to annual leave, and this page to read about cashing out annual leave.
  6. Gross package
    A sum of the employee’s basic salary and all the taxable allowances. (A total gross salary for the month)
  7. Gross pay
    The amount you earn before any deductions are made. Gross pay is the amount that you are actually paid by your employer.
  8. Tax
    Please visit the Australian government page to see the tax rate table.
  9. Net pay
    The amount you receive after all deductions have been made. This is the amount you take home (or that lands in your bank account). You can use the pay calculator and see if the tax that would be withheld for you is correct.
  10. SG Contributions
    The general superannuation guarantee (SG) contributions amount for your benefit that employers are required to pay into your account at least quarterly. This rate is currently at 11%. If you have MyGov account, you can access the super records to check individual deposits. Please visit the Australia government page to read more details.
  • YTD Details What you've been paid year to date this financial year

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