What is the 13th salary (Aguinaldo) in Argentina?

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In Argentina, employees are entitled to the 13th salary in addition to the regular salary regardless of their position, as long as they have worked for at least 6 months in a calendar year.  This is called Aguinaldo. This additional salary is not included in the base salary (gross annual salary) of the employee and should be paid separately.

When is the 13th salary paid out?

The 13th salary is paid in two installments over the year for each employee; The first installment must be paid in June and the second in December.

How is the 13th salary calculated?

The amount of each installment is equal to 50% of the highest monthly wage received during the previous 6-month period.

If the employee has not completed a full period of work, the 13th salary installments will be adjusted proportionally based on the number of days worked within the year.


Disclaimer: An important aspect of labor laws in Latin American countries that could affect your operations is the mandatory extra salary payment. Employers are customarily and legally required to issue an additional salary, also known as the "13th salary" or "Christmas bonus." This bonus, typically equivalent to one month's wage, is distributed annually. It's important to note that this additional salary is not included in the base salary (gross annual salary) and should be paid separately.

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