One-off mandatory inflation bonus in Argentina in September and October 2023

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A new guideline in Argentina establishes a mandatory one-time inflation bonus for eligible Argentina-based employees. This guideline is outlined in Executive Order 438/2023, released by the government of Argentina. You can access the order here.

Note: The bonus is tax-free and exempt from social security contributions.

Who is eligible for the bonus?

All full-time and part-time employees earning a net monthly salary of ARS 400,000 or less as of August 2023 will qualify.

What is the bonus amount?

The amount of the allowance will vary depending on the employee’s salary. It will be based on net salary for the month of August 2023 and must include all regular wages and allowances.

  • If the net salary for August 2023 is lower than ARS 370,000 (± 1,060 USD), the allowance is ARS 60,000 (± 172 USD).
    • It will be paid in two equal installments of 30,000 ARS (± 86 USD) each. The eligible employees will see the bonus on their September and October payslips under “Asignación no remunerativa - Decreto”.
  • if the net monthly salary is higher than ARS 370,000, the allowance will be equal to the difference between the actual net salary and ARS 400,000 (± 1,140 USD).
  • The allowance for part-time employees will be proportional to the actual time worked.


The bonus amount will not be considered to calculate union-managed health insurance benefits or the 13th salary amount, nor part of the gross salary. The 13th salary is half of the highest monthly wage the employee received in the previous six months.
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It will be included to calculate the premiums payable to workers’ compensation insurance benefits.

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