Remote's Prévoyance Insurance update effective of January 2024

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Starting in January 2024, we are transitioning our Prevoyance Insurance from Axa to CNP Assurances, managed by Alan.

  • This transition will result in lower costs. (Please see details below)
  • We continue to be committed to offering the best possible benefits package to ensure financial security and peace of mind for our users.
  • One of the advantages is that employees will have access to both the Health and Prévoyance insurance through a single platform on Alan. This makes it easier to manage and understand the insurance benefits effectively.

What is Prévoyance Insurance?

Prévoyance Insurance is a statutory life and disability insurance that offers income protection, critical illness coverage, and life insurance in case of long-term sickness, disability, or death for both employees and their families.

What does the new cost look like?

  • Tranche A: The rate is reduced to 1.28% of the gross salary (It was 1.5% in 2023)
  • Tranche B and C: The rates are reduced to 1.85% of the gross salary. (It was 2% in 2023) The Customer and employee share the cost for tranches B and C.

Are there any tax implications or changes to deductions with these insurance transitions?

The implications of taxes and deductions can differ based on location and individual circumstances. We recommend consulting with a tax advisor for personalized information about any tax-related changes.

Who to contact for questions related to Prévoyance insurance

Please contact Alan's Care team directly through your app or platform.

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