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Remote makes it easy for you to offer competitive benefits to team members around the world. We've created the Benefits Hub to give you an overview of the elective benefits being offered to employees, as well as the estimated employer cost for the benefits package.

To access the Benefits Hub,

  1. From your dashboard, click on the Benefits tab.
  2. This page gives an overview of all the employees who have been offered benefits and what they've been offered.  


  3. To edit the information displayed in the table, click on the three dots icon and choose Edit columns. Click on the eye icon to include or exclude certain fields in the table.


    • The package offered column indicates your choice of benefits for this employee. For now, this only reflects your choice to offer this benefit, but not the employee’s choice to either opt-in or out of this benefit, nor their enrollment status. 
    • The Est. Employer Cost shows the estimated cost of the benefits package offered to the employee. This is a general estimation that doesn’t consider factors such as employee demographic or employee dependent costs, which can sometimes impact the cost of the benefit.
  4. If you are not offering elective benefits to any team members, this is what you'll see on the page: 


  5. You can also explore the benefits we offer across all countries we're available in. 

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