How to Create a Customised Role to Approve and Pay Specific Contractor Invoices

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With Custom Roles, company user can precisely control who approves and pays contractor invoices. To set this up;

    1. Screen Shot 2023-11-17 at 2.20.42 PM.png

    2. Click +Add new in the top right corner → select Role

    3. Type a name and a brief description of the role, e.g: Screen Shot 2023-05-19 at 6.35.03 PM.png
    4. Under Information Access, select:
      1. Everyone if you want this new role to be able to approve all contractor invoices.
      2. Direct reports only if you want this new role to only approve invoices of specific contractors.Screen Shot 2023-05-19 at 4.40.23 PM.png
    5. Scroll down to 3️⃣ PermissionsContractors. To allow this role to approve and pay contractor invoices VIEW and EDIT permissions need to be checked for Contractor Invoices: Screen Shot 2023-11-17 at 2.26.44 PM.png

    6. Select any other applicable/relevant permissions - eg if you want this role to be able to schedule invoices on behalf of contractors, check VIEW and EDIT permissions for Scheduled Invoices.

      See also: How to Assign Direct Reports and Control Which Contractor Invoices Managers Can Approve

    7. Click Manage members at the bottom of the page to add employee(s) who should have the above permissions to this role. Screen Shot 2023-11-17 at 2.35.00 PM.png
You can also add these new permissions to an already existing role by going to Users and Permissions → Roles → selecting the role → Edit permissions and proceeding through steps 4-7.

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