What is the Authorization letter on personal income tax finalization in Vietnam?

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We ask employees in Vietnam to confirm if they would like to authorize Remote to do the PIT (personal income tax) finalization on their behalf.

Authorization is only possible if the employee meets one of the following conditions upon finalization of the PIT:

  1. the employee received taxable income from only one company during the tax year and is currently employed at the same company.
  2. the employee receives other irregular incomes that do not exceed an average of VND 10 million (409 USD) per month. In this case, there is no need for the employee to finalize the Personal Income Tax (PIT) as the employer(s) have already withheld the income tax.

If an employee has worked for companies other than Remote during a tax year, they must independently finalize their PIT. In such instances, Remote will provide employees with the 'Confirmation Letter on Income in the Year 2023' and the 'PIT Receipt' to facilitate their PIT finalization.

Timeline Action Items
January 19 Deadline to upload your wet-signed Authorization letter on personal income tax finalization for 2023 with blue ink
March 31 The final deadline for PIT finalization

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