Recent salary increases in 2024 for employees based in Uruguay

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In response to inflation rates, the local government in Uruguay has issued guidelines for an increase in employees' salaries. This increase, effective starting January 2024, follows a previous adjustment made in August 2023.

Understanding the Salary Indexation for January 2024:

The sanctioned salary raise for employees ranges between 4.92% and 5.21%. This adjustment translates to a monthly increase of 50 USD to 290 USD (equivalent to 3000 to 11000 UYU) for the applicable employee.

The application of this increase is tier-based. To determine which tier applies to employees, please consult an official government announcement (in Spanish).

The salary increase will be reflected in the payslips starting from the January 2024 payroll and reflected to our customers' invoices from the January reconciliation invoice

For more detailed information, you may refer to the statement on the government's website.

Please note: This salary increase is applicable to employees who commenced their employment in 2023.

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