How is statutory leave for part-time employees in Italy calculated?

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For part-time employees in Italy, annual leave is prorated based on the number of days worked. 

In case of horizontal part time (employee works 5 days a week with the reduced hours) the entitlement to PTO is equal to full-time employee.

In order to calculate the part time PTO entitlement for vertical part time (employees who works less than 5 days a week) you can use the below formula:

26 days * working time % = annual leave entitlement for part time employee

For example:
Employee works 3 days a week for 20 hours. 
26 days* 50% = 13 days of PTO

How to request annual leave as a part-time employee?

In order to request annual leave, all part time employees should request 1 day, regardless of the actual working hours. The payroll engine will deduct the proportioned hours effectively taken. 



Disclaimer: Please be advised that the information provided is for general guidance only and should not be considered legal advice. Clients are strongly encouraged to contact the Lifecycle - Time & Attendance team for expert guidance and assistance in navigating the intricate landscape of time off requirements in Italy. Consulting with our team is imperative to ensure compliance with local employment standards legislation and clearly understand the stipulated time off and attendance related requirements. Your proactive engagement with the Time & Attendance team is vital to making informed decisions and adhering to all relevant regulations.


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