Paid family leave benefit for employees in the District of Columbia (DC)

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As an employer in the District of Columbia, Remote is required to provide paid family leave and disability coverage for all full-time and part-time employees who have not waived these benefits.

Types of leave available

  1. Parental leave: Up to 12 weeks for bonding with a new child.
  2. Family leave: Up to 12 weeks to care for a family member.
  3. Medical leave: Up to 12 weeks for your own serious health condition.
  4. Prenatal leave: Up to 2 weeks for prenatal care.

Maximum leave

The total leave in a year can't exceed 12 weeks, except for pregnant women who may receive 14 weeks (2 weeks prenatal plus 12 weeks parental).

Applying for benefits

Apply within 30 days after a qualifying event at

For more details, check the Notice for Employees released by the Department of Employment Services.

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