Required Payment and Payroll Information During Global Payroll Implementation in France

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Here is the information about your payment, payroll and employment structure we will be asking you during the “2. Customer Information Collection” stage.

1) Payment Information

  • What is the company's salary payout day?
  • When is the company's payout day in December?
  • The salary payment date if it falls on Saturday
    • e.g. The last working day before the Saturday
  • The salary payment date if it falls on Sunday
    • e.g. The last working day before the Sunday
  • The salary payment date if it falls on a public holiday
    • e.g. The working day before the public holiday
  • Payment methods used to pay employees’ net salaries
  • What is the Action Date on the SEPA file (if applicable)?
  • How many days before the payday do you need to receive the net salary payment file?
    • e.g. 1 - 2 days
  • The date payslips need to be delivered to employees on
    • e.g. “on the payout date” or “1 day before the payout date” or “2 days before the payout date”

2) Calendar Information

  • What is your internal cut-off for payroll input each month?
  • On what date will you be able to send the input each month?
  • In what month do you pay bonuses? Do you have any specific bonus scheme?
  • How is the bonus amount calculated?
  • What month is your annual increase?

3) General Company Information

  • What days of the week, are your working days?
  • The working days of the week. Do all employees work 5 days per week (Monday - Friday)?
    • e.g. All Employees work from Monday to Friday Full-time employees work from Monday to Friday Part-time employees work from Monday - Sunday, according to pre-arranged shifts
  • Types of employment contracts you have
    • e.g. Full time, Part time, Temporary, Fixed term
  • Do you have expats employees on payroll? If so, how many?
  • How is your payroll processing currently done?
  • The normal working hours for employees (start and end hour)
    • e.g. From 08h00 to 17h00 with 1 hour lunch
  • The average working hours per person per day
  • Do any employees work reduced working hours?
  • The average working hours per person per month
    • e.g. 8 hours per day x 5 days per week x 52 weeks per year / 12 months = 173.33 hours per month
  • How are salaries pro-rated?
    • e.g. Monthly Base Salary / Number of Working Days in the Month * Number of Working Days Worked in the Month
  • Our standard output reports are a Gross to Net report, Payslips, and the country's legally required documents. Do you need any other specific custom reports?

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