Guide: What information do I need to prepare to start Payroll with Remote in Germany?

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During the “2. Customer Information Collection” stage, we will ask you to provide some required documents and fill out our form with your company, payroll, and employees’ details. Here's the information you need to get started.

We're going to ask several items during this stage, and here's how you'd be able to prepare. 

Company Details

  • Company name
  • Type of business
  • How many companies do you have?
  • The business activation date in Germany
  • What's the number of establishments affiliated with the company
  • Does the company have a local bank account in the country?
  • Are all internal company agreements/policies in place? (Including but not limited to overtime, PTO, and sick leave)

Company Registrations

  • Is the company registered with mandatory commercial register (Handelsregister) and the local trade office (Gewerbe- und Ordnungsamt)
    • The German Trade Register, or Commercial Register (Handelsregister), is the public office for company incorporation. It also holds information about sole traders and legal entities registered in a district. Usually, German companies are registered in a local district.
  • Is the company registered for mandatory Statutory health insurance (HI)?
    • State health insurance is compulsory in Germany.
  • Is the company registered for mandatory income tax?
    • The Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) is a German federal agency that administers various sections of the country's tax code.
  • Is the company registered for a mandatory Employer's Liability Insurance Association (Berufsgenossenschaft)?
    • In Germany, the Employers' Liability Insurance Association (Berufsgenossenschaft) is a key player in the social security system, providing legal support for social assistance needs.

Collective Bargaining Agreement (Labor Agreement)

  • What is your CBA name?
    • A collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is a contract between one or more trade unions and the management of a company (or with an employers' association) that regulates the terms and conditions of employees at work. It is a key tool for negotiating the wages, benefits, and duties of the employees and the duties and responsibilities of the employer or employers and often includes rules for a dispute resolution process.
    • We also ask you to share supporting documents.
  • Please provide a copy of the CBA
  • What type of worker does the CBA refer to?
  • What is your CBA reference code?

Company Information

  • Do any employees work hourly or on shifts?
  • When do you like want to start using the Remote Payroll service? (Your anticipated first payday month)
  • What is your contractual/agreed pay date?
    • e.g. 25th of the month, 3 working days before the end of the month.
  • Do you need any support with your HR tasks (contracts creation, amendments, etc) or benefits management (enrolling employees, paying premiums, arranging contracts) from Remote?
  • Which payroll software do you currently use?

Please note

  • Would you be able to pay your employees using a bank file from Remote? Remote does not make payments on behalf of your company at the moment.
  • Remote won't be making payments on behalf of the customers. Currently, we can only support customers who are willing to use our platform and who will allow their employees to do so, since the product is not ready for any other option. As we currently do not support integrations, the employees need to activate their profiles, enter incentives, and more on Remote.



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