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The Remote Career Journal empowers employees to collect notes and feedback and reflect on them later — including during performance reviews and 1:1s. Now it’s even easier to create journal entries thanks to our Slack integration.

With a quick command, you can create an entry in the moment without ever having to log into the Remote platform; it will be automatically added and stored to your Career Journal for you.

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How to enable (Company admin)

The admin of your company account must ensure the Slack integration is enabled.

On the left-hand navigation, under the Company section, click the Integrations tab. Look for the Slack card.

  • If it says Added, the integration is already enabled and ready for employees to use
  • If it says Add, click the link and follow the instructions to enable the integration

How to use (Employees)

If your company has enabled the Slack integration, you as an employee can easily add an entry to your Career Journal from Slack.

Within Slack, use the command /note and begin typing your note. We recommend doing this as a Direct message to yourself.


After you click send, your note will be automatically added to your Career Journal in Remote.


Visit the Career journal tab in your employee account to see the note.


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