Why am I being asked to provide tax documentation?

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To ensure compliance with tax regulations, US-based companies require contractors to provide one of three tax documents:

  • W9, when the contractor is located in the US and is working with a US company
  • W-8BEN, when the contractor is not based in the US, and is working with a US company
  • W-8BEN-E when the contractor is not based in the US and is invoicing and contracting through their own business entity

You may be asked for one of these documents when setting up your account on the Remote platform. Existing contractors with Remote accounts will also be asked to upload one of these documents.

You can read more about these forms and access templates on the IRS website: W9, W8-BEN, W-8BEN-E. You can download the PDF templates complete on your computer using PDF annotation tools, or print and scan/take a photo before uploading securely via Remote.

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