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Every month at Remote, regardless of how many employees you have with us, we issue one invoice which contains the total cost of employment for all employees. 

Invoice Breakdown

The invoice is divided into 3 sections. Each section shows the following:

  • Section 1: This shows a general overview and sum total of each invoice item such as the base monthly salary, employer monthly social contributions, our management fee, and benefits/commissions (if any).
  • Section 2: This shows the breakdown of each invoice item per country.
  • Section 3: This shows the breakdown of each invoice item per employee.

Items included in your invoice

This is what to expect on your monthly invoice:

  • Employee's monthly base salary: If the employee started after the 1st of the month, their salary will be prorated.
  • Employer social contributions: These are mandatory contributions paid by the employer and vary by country. Social contributions typically cover things like unemployment insurance, sick pay, and state health insurance. 
  • Remote's management fee: This may be billed either yearly or monthly depending on what is agreed in the Service Level Agreement. 
  • Benefits (if any).
  • Bonus/Commissions (if any).  


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