What contracts do I have to sign?

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Before you're able to hire through Remote, we will need to protect you as our client and also ourselves. To do this, you will have to sign two contracts with us:

  • The Remote Master Service Agreement (MSA), which establishes a global service agreement with us. The MSA sets out the general terms and conditions of our service provision and explains the dependencies between our global entities.
  • The Remote Service Level Agreement (SLA), which sets out the specific terms related to your particular employment situation. The SLA sets out the specific terms for Remote's employment of the employee with details such as their personal information, compensation, benefits, terms of employment, disciplinary terms, etc.

If you're hiring only contractors, you will only need to sign the Master Service Agreement (MSA). 

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Once the MSA is signed, a member of our sales team will get the SLA ready for you to review and sign. During the review of the SLA, it will be an opportunity for for you to ask any questions and get the clarification you need. 

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