What happens when the details of an employee's contract need to be changed?

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Over the course of employment, if an employee gets a promotion, salary raise, or job title change, we will need to be informed so we can adjust their contract. If we receive this update after the payroll cutoff of the 10th of the month, we cannot guarantee that this change will be reflected in the same month's payroll.

Note: For the month of December, the payroll cutoff will be on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, at 11:59 pm UTC. The usual payroll cutoff of the 10th of each calendar month will resume in January 2022.

For changes to their employment details, we will need the following information where applicable:

  • New Salary Amount

  • New Job Title

  • New Job Category Level

  • New Job Description

  • Other changes

  • Date changes are effective from

Once we have this information, we will issue a Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Service Order (SO) amendment. We can only issue an amendment letter to the employee after the SLA  or SO has been signed.


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