Can I edit the contract template for contractors on Remote?

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Yes, you can. The localized contract draft can be fully edited prior to signing and sending it over to your contractor. You can make adjustments to the contract clauses and change the formatting.

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As you are adding a contractor to Remote, if the contract template is available for that country, you will have the option to use it and make the necessary edits.


Smart fields

Smart fields (on the right side) are tied to both versions of the contract. If you fill a smart field (such as Contractor Name above), the value will be added to both sides of the contract. You can also delete unnecessary smart fields.

Bilingual localized contracts

For bilingual contracts, any changes you make to the English side of the contract, you will need to manually make those same changes to the side written in the local language. If you prefer to have the contract in English only, untick Bi-lingual contract on the right-side menu.

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Download a contract

If you'd like to download the contract as well, you can do this by clicking on the Download as PDF button at the top. 


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