Can I make edits to a contract for contractors in Remote?

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Yes, you can make edits to your contract draft before signing it if the contract option you selected is:

  • Contractor agreement (also known as Remote contract template) for a contractor on the Standard Contractor Management plan, or
  • Bring your own contract (which is referred to as your own contract template)

You can adjust the contract clauses and change the formatting if you use any of the above options.

Note that templates for Contractor Management Plus cannot be edited and must be used as provided


Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 07.23.33.pngedit_contractor_agreement_template.gif

Smart fields

Smart fields are document placeholders that get populated automatically with the data in our platform. Some of them may get populated once the contractor completes their onboarding: for example, their passport number or type of identification document.

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 8.00.14 PM.png


Smart and document fields are supported for contract templates provided by Remote only. These features are not yet supported when you are using your own template for a contract.

Bilingual localized contracts

For bilingual contracts, any changes you make to the English side of the contract, you will need to manually make those same changes to the side written in the local language. If you prefer to have the contract in English only, untick Bi-lingual contract it on the right-side menu. The bilingual contracts are provided for selected countries.

See also: Is it possible to make changes to a signed contractor agreement?

Download a contract

If you'd like to download the contract as well, you can do this by clicking on the Download as PDF button at the top. 


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