How do I import a new employee from BambooHR into Remote?

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Once the integration is activated, you can automatically import new employees from BambooHR into Remote with just a few clicks! 

(How to import new employees — 1:34-3:48)

Here's how to get started: 

  1. In your BambooHR account go to Settings > Employee Fields. In the Employee Fields tab, verify that you have the Pay Group field.
  2. Create your new employee in BambooHR just as you normally would. From the new hire’s Job tab in BambooHR:
    • Do one of the following:
      • If you’re using the Pay Group field, select Remote as the value;
      • If you’re using the custom field Sync to Remote?, tick the checkbox.
    • Set the Employment Status to either Full-Time or Part-Time (if you wish to create an Employee on Remote) or Contractor (if you wish to create a Contractor on Remote);
    • Please note, if this is your first time using the integration, you may need to add the appropriate options for the Pay Group (if using) and Employment Status fields. You can do this from the Settings > Employee Fields section within BambooHR. Options need to be spelled out exactly as shown above; otherwise the integration may not work.
  3. In your BambooHR account go to Settings > Employee Fields. In the Employee Fields tab, verify that you have the Pay Group field.
  4. Setting Remote as the new hire’s Pay Group (or if you’re using the Sync to Remote? field, ticking the checkbox) will create a profile for the new employee in Remote.
  5. The information transferred from BambooHR will include the employee’s: Name, Start Date, Job Title, and Email.
    • If a Home Email exists in BambooHR, Remote will use this email address by default. If the Home Email doesn’t exist in BambooHR, Remote will use the Work Email provided. We strongly recommend adding a Home Email in BambooHR to avoid any onboarding communications going to the employee’s work email address before they have access to their company email account.
    • A unique email address must be used. The email address cannot already be associated with an existing user in Remote.
    • During this stage, you're required to add the employee’s country to the Country field which is located under the Personal tab.
    • Please note when syncing new employees from BambooHR to Remote, you need to choose a start date in the future. You cannot sync any start date in the past, either for a new employee or an existing one.
  6. Data changes may take up to an hour to sync from BambooHR to Remote. If you wish to force the data to sync immediately, go to the Integrations tab in Remote, select the BambooHR card, and manually click the Sync data button. The manual sync data button may take up to one minute to complete the sync.
  7. To view the new employee’s profile in Remote, go to the Onboarding section. From here, you will be able to search for the new hire and finish the remaining steps in the onboarding process within Remote. Please note, the employee will not receive an invitation to onboard in Remote until you complete these remaining steps.
  8. The employee’s information carried over from BambooHR (name, start date, job title, and email) will be automatically populated into the onboarding forms to save you time and prevent potential errors from manual entry.

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