How do I know when an employee's probation is coming to an end?

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We let you know ahead of time by sending an email at the start of every month containing a list of all the employees on probation and the respective end date for their probation. This email will go out to company owners and admins. We also have this information available on Remote. 

How to view an employee's probation end date

From Remote, you're now able to view the probation end date for respective employees. To check when an employee's probation will be ending: 

  • Go to the Team page on Remote and click on the employee's profile you'd like to view.
  • From the Profile section, you will see the Probation period end date on the right-hand side. 


See also: Termination overview

If you are thinking about extending the employee's probation, you will need to let us know before their probation ends (as long as a probation extension is permissible in the employee's country of residence). If you're satisfied with this employee's performance and have no intention of terminating them or extending their probation, you do not need to take any action.  

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