What changes were made to the Spanish legislation regarding remote work?

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The Spanish Council of Ministers approved a new law on remote work in Spain, requiring employers to provide additional compensation for general costs associated with working from home. The Spanish remote work law, aims to ensure fairness between remote and office-based employees.

The law stipulates that an employer should compensate employees for all costs associated with remote employment, including internet, telephone, and electricity reimbursements. This would be a fee that is paid on top of the employee’s salary.

How does Remote handle the work-from-home allowance?

Remote's employment agreements include the extra costs of remote work in the employee's salary, so no additional payment is required. Salaries remain unchanged as both parties have agreed to the implications of working remotely when the employment agreement is signed.

Is the work-from-home allowance subject to tax?

Yes, the work-from-home allowance is part of your taxable income.

Does the work-from-home allowance appear in my payslip?

Yes, the work-from-home-allowance appears in your payslip and is called Teletrabajo.


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