How to issue a contractor agreement after onboarding

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You can issue or re-issue (when changes need to be made to a signed agreement) contractor agreements after the Contractor has completed self enrollment. 

To issue a new contractor agreement: 

  1. Go to the Team tab on your Remote dashboard and go to the Contractor's profile. 


  2. From the Contractor's profile, click on Create agreement. If you choose to use Remote's contract template, you will be taken to the editor where you can edit the contract template before sending it to the Contractor. 


  3. You also have the option to Save the contractor agreement and come back to it later. All contracts saved as drafts can be found under the Pending contracts section of the Contractor's profile.
  4. Once the contract has been sent out, the Contractor will receive an email notification to sign their new contract. 
  5. As long as the Contractor hasn't signed it yet, you can always come back to their profile to make changes.


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