How to create contractor agreements after onboarding

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You can create or renew (when changes need to be made to a signed agreement) contractor agreements after the Contractor has completed self-enrollment. This can be done for one contractor at a time or in bulk.

To create a new contractor agreement for one contractor:

  1. Go to the Team tab on your Remote dashboard and go to the Contractor's profile. 

  2. From the Contractor's profile, click on Create agreement. If you choose to use Remote's contract template, you will be taken to the editor where you can edit the contract template before sending it to the Contractor. 


  3. You also have the option to Save the contractor agreement and come back to it later. All contracts saved as drafts can be found under the Pending contracts section of the Contractor's profile.

To create new contractor agreements in bulk:

  1. Go to the Team tab on your Remote dashboard and select the contractors for whom you’d like to create/re-new agreements.
  2. Click on Create X contracts at the top of the table:

  3. You will see a pop-up before confirmation. Clicking Create will generate draft contractor agreements for all contractors selected. Remote’s localized template will be applied to the agreement if one exists for the contractor’s country - otherwise, you will be able to paste your own agreement into each draft separately.

If a contractor agreement already exists, it will be archived and a new contractor agreement will be created instead. You will see a warning notice if you’re about to overwrite any existing agreements

   4. All contracts saved as drafts can be found under the Pending contracts section of the Contractor's profile or under DocumentsPending contracts in the left side navigation.

Editing, signing and sending contractor agreements after onboarding:

  1. You can edit contractor agreements as needed until they are signed by the Contractor(s). You can do so under under the Pending contracts section of the Contractor's profile or under the Pending contracts section in Documents. See also: How to edit an unsigned contractor agreement  
  2. Once all the edits are made, sign the agreement or assign a signatory.                                  See also: Can I assign a signatory for contractor agreements?
  3. Once you or your company representative sign the agreement(s), an email notification will be sent to the Contractor(s) asking for their signature.




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