Emergency Relocation Options for Ukrainian Nationals - Spain

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Spain has already approved a couple of measures for Ukrainian citizens affected by the Ukrainian - Russia conflict. It applies to Ukranian citizens coming to Spain after Feb 24th, or those (and their family members) who were already in Spain under visitor status before that date. Also Ukrainian citizens in Spain before Feb 24th under irregular status, but in this case it does not apply to their family members.

For the period of martial law, male citizens of Ukraine between the ages of 18 to 60 years old are restricted from leaving the country.


They will be granted with work and residence permit valid for 1 year, renewable for periods of 6 months, up to 3 years max.


At the National Police station corresponding to their place or residence or where they plan to live.


  1. Police will collect a copy of the passport, and take note of the email address and postal address if available.
  2. Resolution will be issued within 24 hours. This will be communicated to the applicant through their postal address, email, or by the applicant going back to police station in person.
  3. Applicant will have their fingerprints taken to apply for a residence card and will receive a receipt stating their NIE (foreign identification number). This number will be valid forever, and it will be the same one stated in their residence card. In order to start working they will need to apply for a Social Security number.


The applicant will be allowed to live and work in Spain, self-employed or paid employment, study and benefit from Social Security Health system.

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