What happens if my invoice is wrong and the funds were automatically pulled from my account?

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Based on our invoicing process at Remote, we send two invoices for a particular month’s payroll. The first invoice, the Payroll Pre-funding invoice is usually issued around the 10th of the month. This invoice contains the estimated costs for that month’s payroll. If you believe this invoice is incorrect, we ask that you hold on till you receive the second invoice.

The second invoice, the Reconciliation invoice will typically show the actual costs incurred in that month’s payroll. We could either apply a credit to your account (if we overcharged you on the Payroll Pre-funding invoice) or charge you for the outstanding amount (if we undercharged you on the Payroll Pre-funding invoice).

If you believe the Reconciliation invoice is wrong, you’re welcome to reach out to us and make a dispute.

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