How do I connect existing employees already in both BambooHR and Remote so that their information syncs and stays up to date?

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You may have employees that are already in both BambooHR and Remote. Now that the Remote–BambooHR integration exists, you may want to connect those employee profiles so that any changes made in BambooHR automatically sync to Remote — saving you time and preventing potential errors from manual data entry.

To identify the employees that you want to sync across platforms, follow the quick steps below:

  1. Log in to your BambooHR account.

  2. If this is your first time using the integration, you may need to add the Remote option for the Pay Group field (if using). You can do this from the Settings > Employee Fields section within BambooHR. Options need to be spelled out exactly as shown above; otherwise the integration may not work.

  3. Navigate to the employee’s record that you want to sync to Remote.

  4. On the employee’s Personal tab in BambooHR, ensure that either their Home Email or their Work Email exactly matches the email listed on their existing Remote profile. If you need to change either email in BambooHR, be sure to press Save Changes before proceeding.

    1. The exact email match is key here, as otherwise the integration will create a new employee.

  5. On the employee’s Job tab in BambooHR, ensure that their Employment Status is either:

    1. Full-Time or Part-Time (if they’re an Employee on Remote); or

    2. Contractor (if they’re a Contractor on Remote).

  6. Also on the employee’s Job tab in BambooHR:

    • Do one of the following:

      • If you’re using the Pay Group field, select Remote as the value;

      • If you’re using the custom field Sync to Remote?, tick the checkbox.

    • Press Save Changes.

  7. Data changes may take up to an hour to sync from BambooHR to Remote. If you wish to force the data to sync immediately, go to the Integrations tab in Remote, select the BambooHR card, and manually press the Sync data button. The manual sync may take up to one minute to complete.

  8. To confirm the employee’s profile in Remote will be kept in sync, go to the Team tab in Remote. From here, you will be able to search for the employee and open their profile by clicking on their name or pressing the arrow at the end of the row. Within the employee’s profile on Remote, you will see BambooHR listed within the Synced With field. This indicates the record is connected to BambooHR and will automatically sync changes made in BambooHR to Remote.

    1. The BambooHR fields that sync to Remote for active employees are preferred name, nationality, birth date, mobile phone number, and address.

    2. Please note that any subsequent changes made on Remote to these fields will not sync over to BambooHR, and will be eventually overwritten with what’s on BambooHR.


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