Why wasn’t an employee included on the Payroll Pre-funding invoice?

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It is possible for a new employee’s salary to not be included on the Payroll Pre-funding invoice during the month they started, even if they are already onboarded. This is because we issue this invoice on the 1st working day of the month based on data we have at that time.

An employee may not be included on the Payroll Pre-funding invoice for one of several reasons:

  • At the time the invoice was being prepared, the employee’s status on Remote was not yet set to Active.
  • The employee’s start date is after the 15th of that month.
  • The employee has 15 days or more of unpaid PTO in the current month.
  • The employee is set to be terminated in the current month even if that date has not yet passed. For example, as the invoice is being prepared an employee with a set termination date of the 21st will not be included on the Payroll Pre-funding invoice.
  • The employee does not have the correct annual salary entered on the platform, or their monthly base salary is less than $100. This usually affects employees who get paid hourly because the Cost calculator does not calculate the approximate annual salary when an hourly rate is the input.

The Payroll Pre-funding invoice does not show the prorated amount for the days worked in that month. The prorated amount is usually adjusted and shown on the Reconciliation invoice instead. If an employee is not included on a Payroll Pre-funding invoice, this does not mean they won’t be paid for the days worked in that month. As long as they are enrolled in payroll before the cutoff, we will pay them for the days worked.

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