I am a new Remote Customer, how do I enable the integration?

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      1. Within the Hire tab in AngelList Recruit, users will see all candidates who they have marked as “Hired” within their candidate card or track.
      2. Users can click on Get Started on the top of the page or users can click the Set up integration button next to each international candidate.
        • As an alternative to Steps 1 and 2 above, users can also click the Settings button in the main navigation and select International Hiring from the drop down.
      3. On the next screen, users will see two options: Create an account and Connect an existing account. New Remote customers should select Create an account
      4. From the options that appear on the screen, the user should select the Remote logo.
      5. Within the form that appears on the screen, users will provide a few details include a work email address, company address, and Tax ID/EIN. Please note, it is important to include your work email address as the manager of the account and to reflect your Tax ID and where it is incorporated accurately.
      6. Once the form is filled out, users should click the Create Account button.
      7. The user will see a notice that says, Check your email. Please proceed to check the work email written into the account details on the previous page. The email will prompt the user to verify their email and setup a new password to their Remote account.
      8. After the password has been created, users will navigate back to the AngelList Talent instructions screen and click the Connect button under the Check your email notice on the page.
      9. Sign into Remote if you aren't already logged in using your new login credentials in the provided fields.
      10. After logging into Remote, the user will see an Authorizations screen outlining the data and actions AngelList Talent can access within their Remote account. Click on Approve to authorize permission for AngelList Talent to create contracts and sync contract statuses with Remote on your behalf.
      11. Once the user is redirected back to the Hire page, their account is now connected.

Please note, AngelList Talent is currently only set up to support syncing Remote and AngelList Talent accounts for US-based companies. If your company is based outside of the US, hang tight as we're actively working with AngelList Talent to expand this integration worldwide.

For more information and instructions on the integration setup, please visit the AngelList Talent Help Center.

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