How do I import a new hire from AngelList Talent into Remote?

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To start a new contract within Remote, the user must first move a candidate into the Offer field within Track in the AngelList Talent platform. 

Then to start a contract with Remote for a new hire:

    1. Within the Hire tab in AngelList Recruit, users will see all candidates who they have marked as Hired within their candidate card or track.
    2. Next to each international candidate, users can click the Create contract button.
    3. A pop up will prompt the user to select the candidate’s country and click Create contract again. This will send the candidate’s information to Remote and kick off the onboarding process.
    4. The user will be prompted to sign into Remote if they have not already.
    5. When redirected to Remote, the user will now see the candidate on the Onboarding page. The user can click Finish and Invite beside the candidate's name to continue the onboarding process.
    6. From the right side pop-out menu, the user can click on Adding new hire and then click on Invite new hire to Remote.
    7. This will open up a step-by-step onboarding window for users to follow within Remote to finish processing the new hire.

For more information and instructions on using the integration, please visit the AngelList Talent Help Center.

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