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First, you’ll need to get your referral link.

  1. Sign Up - Visit the Refer a friend page and click on Get your referral link now button, and follow the on screen instructions to get your personal referral link and create your account.

  2. Refer a Friend - After you sign up, you will be given your personal referral link to share with friends. Simply share this link, using some of the share-links on screen or however you see fit. Once shared, we will take care of the rest and let you know once you qualify for the reward.

  3. Earn your reward - If your friend successfully signs up to Remote, we will notify you by email immediately informing you that your referral account has been credited with the $300! In order to check the status of your referral, sign in to your referral account with Remote’s referral partner, Aklamio here and go to the Dashboard tab. Once your friend runs two successful payrolls of our Employee of Record (EOR) service, we’ll email you again to tell you that the referral was validated & your reward is ready to be claimed.

  4. Claim your reward - When you sign into your referral account, go to Balance then click on Paypal transfer and enter your Paypal credentials. Please note that the transfer to your Paypal account may take up to 1-2 business days in some cases.


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