What are some limitations that could occur during onboarding in Brazil?

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When onboarding an employee in Brazil:

  • We cannot change the start date after the employee we've enrolled the employee in payroll. 
  • We cannot backdate employment agreements.
  • We cannot pay retroactively.
  • We can only pay employees in the local currency, Brazilian real (BRL).
  • We cannot offer different benefits/employment conditions to different employees.
  • We cannot hire foreign employees without the CPF/ RNM / PIS and CTPS.
  • We need to enroll the employee in payroll at least 7 days before their start date (some exceptions may apply).
  • We cannot mention benefits and perks in the employment agreement.
  • We cannot offer unlimited paid time off (PTO) in Brazil.
  • We cannot provide an exact net salary calculation.

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